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Points of interest
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Kindergartens in Jílové near Prague

In Jílové near Prague, there are two nursery schools, namely in the streets of Pod školkou and Komenského. In addition, the parent centre Permoníček also operates there.
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Elementary School in Jílové near Prague

The elementary school in Jílové near Prague provides capacity for approximately 500 pupils in the 1st and 2nd grades. Even children from surrounding areas, including the village Radlík where the OPTREAL recently carried into effect two sites with building plots, commute to the school.
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Ski Resort Chotouň

There are three ski tows, two of which are parallel “POMA” type with telescopic circuits (length 300 and 280 meters, elevation 50m), and a small ski tow for children. Mild ski slopes in the area are especially suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers.
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Nature Park Central Bohemia

The nature park Central Bohemia is situated along the rivers Vltava and Sázava in the area of Závist near Zbraslav and extends to the territory of Prague. Closely adjacent to the villages Psáry, Radějovice and Radlík, the nature park Central Bohemia is considered ideal area for cycling and mushrooming. It is the largest fully protected wooded area near Prague, where a geometric centre of Bohemia is located.
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Observation tower at Pepř

It is a freely accessible observation tower that serves as a telecommunications tower on the hill Pepř (448 m elevation about sea level). The lookout provides a view of the rolling Povltaví countryside, including Velký Blanik, Brd peaks and the city of Prague. The observation tower is located south of Jílové near Prague.
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Nature Trail called lookouts from Jílové

Nature and walk lovers will be pleased by an exceptional nature trail lookout from Jílové, which is, among other things, interesting for reversing fields with hedgerows, woods and villages. The trail passes directly through their borderlines. This is a piece of beautiful, ecologically stable landscape, which is rightly the searched place for active and pleasant recreation.
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Leisure centre Na Fialce

The modern leisure centre Na Fialce is located a few steps from the train station in Říčany. The centre here is intended not only for children but also for anyone who wants to do exercise, swim, go to the cinema or theatre, relax or just have a cup of coffee with friends.